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Moringa Oleifera is considered to the most nutrient rich plant on earth. Moringa contains more thatn 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidents. The rich green leaves are nature's super-power food for both humans and animals.


Moringa originated in Northern India but has been naturalized around the world. John Hopkins Medical School has an on-going case study on Moringa.


Almost every part of the plant has some pharmacological properties. The Moringa seeds, oil, flowers, bark, sap, roots, leaves etc. are used to support many health issues.


Moringa is said to be effective for disorders such as cancer, nervous conditions, gastric ulcers, skin diseases, fatigue, impotence, edema, cramps, diabetes, hermorrhoids, headaches, hay fever, and sore gums.


Extracts from the plant can be used to treat acne, age spots, pimples, black and white heads, and patches on skil. Some health benefits also include lowering blood sugar and increasing lactation and bone density.







60 Vegetable Capsules of Moringa Leaf Powder

Daily Dietary Supplements




Serving Size is one (1) Capsule


Amount per serving size: 400 mg of Moringa Leaf Powder

Daily percentage Value not established




Take one (1) Moringa Leaf Powder veggie capsule twice daily as a dietary supplement before a meal with water or as recommended by a healthcare professional.




Free of yeast, corn, sugar, salt, starch, wheat, soy, milk, egg, shelfish, artificial ingredients and preservatives. A Vegetarian and/or Vegan Product. Gluetn Free.




If pregnant or nursing consult a physician before use.



Livingstone's spouse, Tendai, used to be a diabetic. After a few weeks of daily use of the Moringa vegetables, her doctor declared her diabetic free. Her cholesterol levels improved, her Blood Pressure which used to be high, normalized. Her digestive health improved. Her energy level improved. Her sleep improved.


Livingstone and Tendai, who live on the Moringa Farm, continued to plant more and more Moringa Plants from year to year in Winston-Salem and Rural Hall in Forsyth County, North Carolina.


Livingstone promotes the use of the Moringa products by giving samples to family, friends and loved ones. Many church family members stated that they were helped in one way or another by the use of Moringa.


Livingstone introduced the Moringa Plant to Dr. Joshua Idassi, a Forestery and Natural Resource professor at the A & T State University in Greensboro. The University is researching the viability of using the Moringa products as animal feed for goats, chickens, sheep, cattle, and rabbits. The University gives period updates on on-going research on the Plant to Konsikrated Moringa Farms.


Livingstone works with Ms. Mary Jac Brennen of the Agricultural Extension Office in the Forsyth County in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Ms. Brennen is a great source of help in our farm operation. She is helpful in securing grants from North Carolina Ag Ventures which is administered by North Carolina State University. The grant money helped to add value to Moringa Leaf Powder.


As a result of the grant from North Carolina Ag Ventures, Konsikrated Moringa Farms have produced a value-added product called MoreThanManna-MORINGA. MTM-MORINGA is a 60-capsule bottle of Moringa Leaf Powder which will be marketed as a Daily Dietary Supplement.


The goal of Konsikrated Moringa Farms is to help as many customers as can be reached with MoreThanManna-MORINGA products. The products can be purchased on www.MoreThanManna.com.


According to Exodus 16:4 in the Old Testament of the Bible, God rained Manna from heaven to feed the whole community of ancient Israel in the wilderness. Manna was very nutritious indeed. God provided the first Superfood to His people in the wilderness.


Manna appeared on the ground each day as thin flakes like frost. The people gathered it, ground it like grain, and made it into honey-tasting pancakes. For the Israelites the Manna was a gift from God. It came every day and was just what they needed. It satisfied their temporary physical needs.


Like Manna, Moringa satisfies our physical needs as food. The green dark leafy vegetables of Moringa are delicious.


More Than Manna, Moringa is loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, proteins and many other benefical ingredients that serves as medicine for our physical bodies.


Hence the name MoreThanManna-Moringa! or MTM-MORINGA.


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